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Biographies of the Acadian Ancestral Home Newsletter Contributors
From 2000 to present

GEORGES ARSENAULT - Historian and folklorist Georges Arsenault was born in 1952 in Abram’s Village, Prince Edward Island. He holds a B.Soc.Sc. degree in Political Science from Université de Moncton and a M.A. degree in Folklore from Université Laval.

He has published extensively on the folklore and history of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island. From 1977 to 1982, Georges Arsenault worked as a cultural officer for the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin (Acadian and Francophone Society of Prince Edward Island) and then became Visiting Professor in Acadian Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. Since 1986, he is the host of Radio-Canada’s morning radio show for Prince Edward Island. He lives in Charlottetown.

JAMES CARTEN - Jim Carten, not much instruction, but a full life of education. Retired, thirty-two years as shipfitter near Québec city. Has been in Québec now for over forty years, after being born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut.

Avid genealogy and history buff who enjoys doing research and lookups. Gets a lot of pleasure from writing, cross-country skiing, cycle touring and the solitude of the woods.

GARRY GAUDET - I'm a pre-boomer, born Regina, Saskatchewan, 1939. On the sudden, premature death of my dad, I dropped out of secondary school and still at age 17, passed an announcing audition at a Saskatoon radio station. That started a radio broadcasting career which continued through 1986, with long periods in Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, Alberta.

Along the way I married and raised three children, one of whom is in her 20th year as a French language teacher. I also occasionally worked as a newspaper columnist and a host on educational TV programs.

From 1986 until recently I worked in media and community relations as Information Officer for Okanagan University College in Kelowna, BC.

These days I do freelance writing for NUVO Magazine, and am narrator for the audio edition of the Canadian Blind Monitor magazine.

Recreational activities include tennis, sea kayaking, river canoeing and van camping.

JAMES PERRY - James H. Perry is an Industrial Electrician at Cavendish Farms, a frozen French Fry manufacturer in New Annan, Prince Edward island. In his spare time, he is an amateur Acadian Historian and Genealogist. He has previously written articles for The Ancestral Home Newsletter, The Louisiana Genealogical Register, La Petite Souvenance and Les Nouvelles. He lives in Summerside with his wife Dianne, daughters Melanie and Carolyn and son Christopher. He can be reached a

ANDRÉ HUNTER COURVILLE My name is André Hunter Courville. I am 14 years old. I have the great pleasure of living in Southwest Louisiana. I am a 9th grade, 4.0 student at a local high school. I am also a musician. I am the organist at the local Roman Catholic church. I play the saxophone in the high school band, and I am currently taking guitar lessons. When I’m not doing the above, and when I am not busy with my personal life, I am researching my genealogy. Genealogy takes up a great majority of my time, about 75% of it.

I have a website on the internet, on which I share my genealogy with others. The internet is a very useful tool in genealogy research. With it, you can communicate with other genealogists. It is this was that I met Ms. Lucie Consentino, who has been a great inspiration to me.

I am very proud of my genealogy work and I would never give it up.

[Editor's Note: André Courville was 14 years of when he began writing for this newsletter. Today he is a college student on a full tuition majoring in music specifically Opera as a baritone.]

JEAN-PAUL ARSENAULT - Jean-Paul Arsenault was born and raised in Wellington, Prince Edward Island. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from Université Laval. For 21 years, he worked in a variety of assignments on behalf of the provincial and federal governments in Agriculture, Forestry, Treasury Board, and Veterans Affairs. From 1996 to 1998, he served as Executive Secretary to the Round table on Resource Land Use and Stewardship and Secretary to the Legislature’s Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment. He now works as a management consultant for an Island company., HR Associates Inc. Jean-Paul and his wife Elva live in Charlottetown. They have three children : Sylvie, Clément, and Jacques.

MELANIE PERRY - Melanie wrote for this newsletter when she was a high school senior at Three Oaks Senior High School in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Melanie is interested in computers and the Internet. She hopes to become an entrepreneur when her sister graduates from high school. Together they plan to go to Ottawa and start their own computer business catering particularly to women. Go for it!

[Melanie's father, James Perry is a regular contributor to this newsletter.]

If you enjoy what has been shared in the first two issues of The Ancestral Home Newsletter, or if you have suggestions, ideas or stories you would like to share about your ncestors/ancestral line, please let me hear from you. The newsletter will grow with each issue as it expands with specific genealogy lines and family histories.

To share this newsletter with other genealogy researchers, family and friends!

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